A new concept of learning: the Boutique School

The Boutique School. Learning Spanish can be different

No one can deny that society is paying more attention than ever to beauty and physical appearance. We are worrying much more about the way we look, probably due to the accessibility of cameras on smartphones or the popularity of social networks, such as Instagram, where this passion for visual beauty can grow. The educational community has also found this trend appealing and has taken its time to investigate how charming places have an impact on the way that we learn. It is time for the the Boutique School.
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To learn a language, it is important to feel comfortable , in a pleasant, cosy, and most importantly, appealing environment. For that reason, surroundings are the key to creating this. The idea of a ‘boutique school’ came from this concept; schools that are concerned about surroundings and its context as an essential part of the learning process. An increasing number of schools are joining this innovative movement. Entrelenguas is a place like no other in Ronda’s old town, in a traditional building typical of Andalusian architecture, with a white façade, unique location and lively flowerpots. In contrast to this traditional look, the interior of the building includes wooden flooring, and mosaic flooring that spills into the classroom and also reaches parts of the bar. The school’s furniture and decoration are also a contrast between modern and vintage. Chester sofas next to state-of-the-art furniture, and decoration typical of the region with contemporary art. Light plays an important role in the school, entering through the windows into the classrooms, and through the glass walls into the main part of the the Boutique School.

This creates an open and serene working environment. What’s more is that Entrelenguas has a bar where you can enjoy a coffee, a cold drink or local wine. In this way, the school is the perfect place to relax, read, recharge your phone, have a chat; it is a meeting point where language and culture come together in a friendly environment. However, the school is not only about relaxing. We also have a wonderful terrace with a panoramic view of Ronda and the surrounding landscape. We use it for barbecues, language exchanges and other events in Ronda. The centre also has a lower floor with an old recording studio, used by world-known artists such as Björk, Yann Tiersen and Orishas.
At Entrelenguas, you will feel at home. Classes have a maximum of 8 students that receive individual and close attention. This is key for the community that is now a part of the school. In this great context and with this amazing company, what is stopping you from starting your Spanish adventure?

@Iván Roces López.

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