International Gastronomic Event

It’s back! Don’t miss the long-awaited return of one of the best cultural event in Ronda with our International Food Fair, brought to you by our collaboration with Raíces, an organisation working towards improving social cohesion in Spain. This time, the 6th time (!), the event will be held from 1.30pm to 5pm on Saturday the 20th October. We are once again lucky enough to have the support of the Alfaro association, to whom we are indebted. We want to thank them for their support, on this occasion and for all the previous ones, past and future!

The plan is to get together and raise money in order to support those facing difficulties in our community. On this occasion, we’re taking Azzam Qasrawi’s (president of Raíces) advice and donating all the money raised to Ronda’s young people. Everyone deserves the chance to have a happy, care-free youth. Whatever we can do to ease the worries of our young people is surely worth doing.
We’re going to keep the same format as the previous occasions this year: the school will put on a cornucopia of different international cuisines, who will demonstrate their cooking and serve it up in tapas form (our favourite!). And you’ll be pleased to know that, as always, we’ll be showcasing our irresistible local wines and selling them at a pretty tempting price, all in aid of a great cause.  Take a bite out of India, a shot of Spain, all together with the flavours of England, Palestine, Germany, and many more. What’s our secret ingredient for a good cultural event in Ronda, you ask? Come along and find out!

Make the company’s as good as the food you will find there, and tell your friends about the event!

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