Learning Spanish in Malaga


With my university studies, I’ve had the opportunity to do a work placement and I decided to do it here, in Ronda, near Malaga, and more precisely in this Cultural Immersive Centre named Entrelenguas. I know that it’s not always easy to integrate into a new country when you don’t know the language so I wasn’t totally relaxed about spending 3 months in Andalusia and having difficulties in Spanish. However, thanks to my internship I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to have Spanish lessons twice a week, 3 hours a week and these have helped me a lot.

Let me tell you all about Learn Spanish in Malaga and my experience with the Spanish classes in entrelenguas:

First, I had to do a placement test. It’s ideal if you don’t want to find yourself in a group where you can’t understand anything, or the opposite, if you feel like you might waste your time. Thanks to the test I’m in a Spanish class that suits me: we work together and, as I don’t particularly like all the grammar points, it’s a good thing. I’ve realized that the moment you leave your comfort zone it means you’re progressing, because you’re learning new things. It’s a challenge but we all experience it together so it’s not so bad!

Also, the number of people in the groups is ideal: 8 people maximum. This allows each of us to express ourselves during the course and so improve our speaking skills. The Spanish classes in Malaga are perfect for total immersion in the language, and Entrelenguas encourages learning fluent and natural communication in Spanish above all else.

To finish, the Spanish classes at Entrelenguas don’t remind me of classes in school; the activities in class let us lose track of time with games, role-plays and debates. The topics about which we speak help us integrate in our daily lives. The goal is to reuse what you’ve learned in stores, restaurants and with the locals. Overall, I’ve loved learning Spanish in Ronda, and Entrelenguas is the perfect place to do it.

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