Spanish Webinars

Spanish Webinars

Complement your Spanish learning from anywhere in the world with these mini online courses!

Complement your Spanish learning

By joining our Spanish webinars you’ll be taking a mini course covering specific topics related to the Spanish language and Spanish culture. Using the platform Zoom, students from anywhere across the globe are welcomed into our online classroom for an hour-long session hosted by one of our native Spanish teachers. The session will focus on a particular topic including grammatical, lexical and cultural content. Whilst each webinar is aimed at a specific level, everyone is welcome… in fact, the more the merrier! With detailed explanations, illustrative examples and even activities to complete during the session, students are encouraged to use a range of skills so they can get the most out of these intensive sessions!

Towards the end of the webinar, the chats and microphones will be enabled so the floor opens up to the students. Any questions or doubts can be answered and new contributions made, whether that be sharing language-learning tricks between fellow Spanish enthusiasts or even starting a relevant debate! The learning doesn’t stop when the session ends as there will be access to all the webinar material as well as further practise exercises (with answers!) 

Whether you’re a self-taught Spanish student or you take other classes, these webinars are sure to complement your learning. Join these webinars and keep your Spanish language journey going, wherever you are in the world!

Spanish Webinars

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Using the Passive Voice in Spanish

In this webinar, we’ll be analysing how the passive voice works in Spanish, the different passive forms we can use and when each one is applied.

When: 9th May

Time: 7:00pm (CET)

Level: B1 or above

Direct and Indirect Speech in Spanish

In this session, we’ll look at the rules for transforming direct statements into indirect statements, with particular emphasis on the actual context and purpose of the communication.

When: 16th May

Time: 7:00pm (CET)

Level: B2 or above

I’m confused… I just can’t work out if it’s SER or ESTAR!

In this webinar, we’ll look at the main uses of SER and ESTAR, how they can be combined with adjectives and how the meaning of these adjectives can change when combined with certain verbs.

When: 23rd May

Time: 7:00pm (CET)

Level: A2 or above

Pronunciation Rules for Spanish in Spain 

We’ll be studying the basic rules of pronunciation for Spanish in Spain, making sure to highlight the most common phonetic errors made by Spanish students so you can avoid getting into bad habits!

When: 30th May

Time: 7:00pm (CET)

Level: A1 or above

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All levels


€5 per session


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Spanish class, material and exercices

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