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Welcome to the Spanish learning revolution!

Entrelenguas is more than just a Spanish school, it's a Spanish hub!

Entrelenguas is a cultural hub, an inclusive Spanish school which brings together online Spanish classes, Spanish immersion programmes and virtual courses, all created so that you learn to speak Spanish at your own pace. These courses share a common goal: to ensure that you have fun learning the Spanish language and discovering the Spanish culture in a way that matches your needs and personality. You’ll always have the guidance of our native Spanish teachers, all of whom have degrees in teaching Spanish to foreigners, and they will be there to support you and encourage you towards your next Spanish level. Sounds good? Then keep reading to discover what we can offer and immerse yourself in all the things we do that help you learn the Spanish language.

We offer you different ways to learn Spanish

A new concept of Spanish school

escuela de español learn to speak spanish

Online Spanish Classes

If you’re one of those people who believes that you lose a language if you don’t use it, then take a look at the ways in which you can accelerate your Spanish level live and direct. Choose from group classes and individual lessons. Whichever floats your boat, you’ll always be with a native Spanish teacher!

escuela de español learn to speak spanish

Spanish in Ronda

When you learn to speak Spanish, we recognise how important it is to learn with a native Spanish teacher to put your Spanish into practice. That’s why we offer theses Spanish courses in Ronda, where you’ll not only be able to study and learn Spanish but you’ll learn a whole lot about Spanish grammar, lexicon…!

escuela de español learn to speak spanish

Spanish e-learning Hub

Do you like to learn Spanish at your own pace? Take a look at entrelenguas’ online Spanish platform  and strengthen your learning, independently on what your Spanish level is or what you want to learn about. Discover the answers to the questions you’ve always had about the Spanish language.

Learn Spanish in Ronda, Spain

Join our Spanish Immersion Program! Learn a new language and discover a new culture all under the same roof.

Become part of the entrelenguas community!

Do you want to stay up to date with everything we’re cooking up at Entrelenguas? If studying Spanish is one of your hobbies, then don’t think twice! Sign up and receive useful content, interesting articles, tips and tricks to help you learn faster, helpful infographics and of course, discounts about the Spanish classes,  all just by subscribing to our Newsletter!

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