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Our private Spanish lessons allow you to access customised sessions from anywhere in the world with the flexibility of simple technology.  Whether you’re in Nepal or Toronto you’ll be with the best native Spanish teachers online and we can adjust our schedule to allow for time differences which means you can  learn Spanish online without reengineering your life.

Generally, our Spanish classes online focus on practising different vocabulary, grammar and practical content through speaking (practice exercises, relaxed conversation, short presentations, discussions on current events, etc.). After each class, you will be given homework that will reinforce the content you studied as well as reading, writing and listening exercises. And we’re all ears, so if you think a different sort of structure would work better for you, we’ll change things around! It’s your online Spanish class after all!

The voucher includes 10 hours of private Spanish lessons which you can enjoy as often as you like over a maximum of 3 months. Most of our students taking Spanish courses online choose to do one or two hours a week. All you need is your phone, computer or tablet, a reliable internet connection, earphones (in case you’re in a café or another public place), and a good notebook if you like to write things down. We’ll take care of the rest!


60 minute class

More info:

- Homework
- You can share your voucher with your best friend

Available levels:

A1, A2, B1, B2, C1
Common European Framework Levels (MCER)


- Voucher for 10 classes: 180

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