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Group Spanish Lessons Online

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The group online Spanish classes focus on the practice of the 4 key skills (writing, listening, reading and speaking) to make sure that students have a more complete understanding of the language and can use it outside of the online Spanish course in different settings . 

The lower levels (A1-A2) are geared towards improving your speaking skills, focusing mainly on vocabulary and the basic grammar of the Spanish language. For those wanting to study Spanish online at a higher level, the intermediate and advanced Spanish levels (B1-C1) focus on the cultural aspects of Spanish, language accuracy and correcting common grammatical errors which stops them becoming bad habits.

These group Spanish lessons online take place twice a week, usually on a Monday and Wednesday, or a Tuesday and Thursday, each session lasting 60 minutes (you can check the different schedules here). And, just because these are Spanish lessons online, doesn’t mean there won’t be homework! Each student is given exercises to do in their own time that complement the classes and reinforce the content being studied.

Spanish online courses are booked and paid for on a monthly basis and are available for all levels so we can help anyone who wants to learn to speak Spanish online. Classes run continuously throughout the year and students can join the available groups whenever they like, always respecting the maximum number of 8 students per group. These group classes are a great complement to our online private Spanish lessons.


- 60-minute lessons
- 2 sessions per week

More info:

- 8 students max
- Additional homework

Available levels:

A1, A2, B1, B2, C1
Common European Framework Levels (MCER)


- Monthly payment: €62
- 3-month payment: €165€

Click here to learn more and read our general conditions for 2023-2024 school year. 


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