Spanish Immersion Program in Ronda Spain

Learn in a community that will make you feel at home

Livin´ la vida local in Ronda Spain

Learning Spanish with the local community makes everything different

If you have arrived at this page, it’s because you are someone who believes that if you want to fully learn a language you need to blend into the environment like a chameleon.  Half measures are not for you – we get that!  And you are in luck because we don’t do half measures either.  That’s why we are offering this Spanish immersion program. It does not only flies the flag for our local community by including it in everything we do. It  also promotes the philosophy of travelling responsibly based on the twin concepts of slow tourism and local sustainability.

At Entrelenguas we are very clear in our approach. It all goes back to this: “when in Rome……..”  As well as offering you the best Spanish classes, we want you to become one of the cool crowd during your stay in Ronda, and what better way to do that than immerse yourself in the local community.


You know those places that seem to have been drawn from a picture book?  Ronda, Spain is exactly like that.  It is one of those destinations which, because of the natural beauty of its surroundings, because of its architecture and, of course, because of its people, leaves you open-mouthed and wanting to return before you have even left.

Hidden amongst three nature reserves with cattle ranches and fertile vineyards, it is no surprise that the Romans, the Arabs and the Christians settled in this city for many centuries, leaving in their place archetypal monuments, paved streets and pretty squares that for decades have bustled with local life making this one of the prettiest and liveliest cities in Spain., 

After class you will no doubt want to recover your strength either with a well-deserved siesta or a cup of good gazpacho in one of the many squares in the old quarter.  But you will hunger to learn more about the customs and culture of Spain and will do exactly that through the different daily activities we have planned.  These workshops and excursions are, without doubt, different to anything you have experienced before. 

What we propose is that you don’t just visit places but that you come to know personally the local people and what makes them who they are.  That’s why we take you to houses, farms, country estates and ultimately into the homes of locals who open their doors to us, and only to us, and share with us a little of who they are.  The agriculturists themselves will tell you of the origins of jámon ibérico and the locally produced olive oil as you get to know first-hand the organic wines of the region and plunge deep into the history of Spain in the company of the people that live there. Can there be anyone better than a local to show you a place? 

And wait, there is more: in every moment we will pursue your objectives of putting your Spanish into practice and interacting with the people of Ronda in Spain so that as well as talking the hind legs of the local donkey you will do it in a setting that is authentic and real.



The academic commitment in this immersion program is 15 hours per week, which is 3 hours each day from Monday through to Friday (with brief but well-deserved breaks, of course!).  The classes are communication based with activities that are relevant and fun and that bring together grammar, vocabulary and culture that can be applied in a practical social context.  And as it could be no other way, we focus on the four key linguistic skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) so that you have a fully rounded understanding of the language.

All of our Spanish teachers are specialists in the art of language education as well as being language-lovers and they go to great lengths to make sure that their classes are entertaining and enjoyable but above all to make sure they are responding to your needs and interests.  We only work in small groups, with a maximum of 8 people, and that way we make sure our classes are super-relaxed, super-chilled and that together, we have a whale of a time.


22 April 2024 - 27 April 2024
16 September 2024 - 21 September 2024


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A1, A2, B1, B2, C1
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