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Spanish lexicon

Spanish expressions related to Halloween

Did you know these Spanish expressions related to Halloween? Halloween, an increasingly popular tradition in different corners of the world, is now getting closer. Its name comes from the English

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Spanish Culture

Daylight savings in Spain

Daylight Savings in Spain is soon to be coming into effect, so we’ve decided to delve into what it means for those in Spain, the history of Spain’s time zone

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Five curiosities about Spain

Did you know any of these curiosities about Spain? The national day of Spain- ‘El día de la Hispanidad’, celebrated every year on the 12th October, is fast approaching. So,

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el verbo sacar en español
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The verb Sacar in Spanish

5 idiomatic expressions using the verb sacar to help you speak Spanish like a native!   The verb sacar in Spanish is one of those Spanish verbs that have multiple meanings, depending

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