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Our Spanish Webinars consist of mini online Spanish courses on different topics related to Spanish language and culture. Each webinar takes a specific topic that Spanish learners typically find difficult, breaks it down and then builds it back up leaving the student with a much deeper understanding.  Through the platform Zoom, we invite Spanish students from all over the world into our meeting room, always led by a native Spanish teacher, to spend an hour delving into grammar, vocabulary and cultural content, all of which will help you learn to speak Spanish. Whilst each webinar is geared to a specific level, everyone is welcome to these Spanish lessons! With detailed explanations, illustrative examples and in many cases activities that support learning Spanish, participants always benefit from these intensive sessions, getting to learn the Spanish language in an innovative way without leaving home!

At the end of the session the Spanish teacher  leads a short discussion so that whoever wants to can ask questions, express doubts or make contributions, opening up debates and sharing experiences. After the session, students can access the webinar materials so they can go over the content at their own pace or refer back to it at any time in the future. They will also have access to practice exercises (with solutions!) . In this way, everything you study in Spanish during the session can be reinforced and put into practice.

Wherever you are and however you learn best, a webinar in Spanish can be the perfect complement for those taking Spanish classes and for those who study Spanish independently. You’ll definitely be able to accelerate your learning with these intensive sessions, and they’re sure to make you want to learn more!

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Spanish webinar

The golden rules of the verb ‘gustar’

Join our webinar and we’ll reveal the basic rules you need to know to clear up any doubts about verbs like gustar once and for all!

When: 25th of July

Time: 7:00pm (CET)

Level: A2 or above

Understanding the impersonal in Spanish:

You’ll learn the most common structures used by native speakers to create impersonal sentences, when you can use them and the main differences between them.

When: 8th August

Time: 7:00pm (CET)

Level: B1 or above

Spanish webinars

Uses of ‘SE’

Join this webinar on the values of SE in Spanish, the common pronoun which can refer to different grammatical concepts and totally change the meaning of a sentence.

When: 29th August

Time: 7:00pm (CET)

Level: B2 or above

Confusing word pairs

Is it saber or conocer? Is it preguntar or pedir? We’re sharing our best tips to help you tell the difference between words that seem the same… but actually aren’t!

When: 12th September

Time: 7:00pm (CET)

Level: A2 or above

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