Online Learning in a Group in Spanish: Max’s Sneak Peek Interview

How do lessons with a group in Spanish online work and how can they help you with your fluency in Spanish conversation?

Max, one of our most loyal students, has recently made the change to online Spanish lessons. In this article you can learn first-hand from his experience how our online group in Spanish works and most importantly how they could also benefit you.

Having previously studied with us three times in Ronda, Max intended to visit for a fourth time this year. But, due to coronavirus, this meant that he had to adapt to our new way of teaching online. Being unable to travel and have lessons in person was Max’s motivation behind adapting to this new way of teaching online and incorporating it into his daily life in England. 

Hesitant at first, Max said that:

“I would not have wanted to have lessons online except for the coronavirus, I think I had quite a negative view of how that would work. However, I have been very pleasantly surprised at how it works, and the proof is in that I have carried on with the lessons, so I think it is working very well!”

Despite Max’s worries our online group in Spanish has proved a hit. He now takes part in two group lessons per week.

Max takes part in the C1 Spanish group lessons:

He said that, as an already advanced learner, sometimes it can be hard to improve, further given the complexity of content, but with our groups, he said that: 

“For me there are always people in a group that speak Spanish much better than I do and I respond well to that, I quite like the challenge and it pushes me to improve.” 

As well as this, our group lessons can be quite different to traditional teaching methods. This is one thing that sets us apart from other programs.

As a Spanish school we focus on learning in a fun and interactive way that will actually benefit you! Max said that: 

“I have a lot of fun in the group lessons. I don’t know if that’s normal, but I enjoy it and we laugh quite a lot and actually I think that’s important, I think a big part of learning is if you’re enjoying the experience. We have had a really good laugh and its really nice, I feel like I’ve made some friends in learning Spanish!”

Group in Spanish

Another thing that sets us apart from many other online programs is the highest quality teaching we provide. And that is for a very competitive price that doesn’t break the bank! Max has lessons with our teacher Mar:

“I think Mar is the best teacher I have come across. Her grammatical knowledge is amazing! There’s a lot of Spanish teachers that teach it just because they are Spanish but Mar goes way beyond that, she seems to have a very deep understanding of the grammar which is important when you get to a higher level.”

Not only has Max studied with us many times for all these reasons but he has also recommended us.

Max continues to study with Entrelenguas. For all these reasons discussed in this article. Without doubt that gives our school a good name, thank you for your support Max!

“I have told my friends ‘go and do group lessons with Entrelenguas because personally I think they’re as cheap as chips, I think they are an incredible deal. Actually, I pay 5 euros an hour for a Spanish group class of 5 or 6 people. To be fair, I have been to groups where there are 9 or 10 people and it’s so hard to participate, the more people the less time you have to talk. And it’s actually fun with the group!’ I tell them”. 

conversación en español

For the team at Entrelenguas and for Max, fun is a key part of our lessons and it really does help you to learn.

If after reading about Max’s experience of online classes and how much he likes to study with a group in Spanish, now you too can experience it from home.  

We make it really easy for you to learn online with a group in Spanish. Improve your language skills in a way you never thought possible.

Write to us if you have any doubts. We will be more than happy to help you out. We would be thrilled if you joined us in the classes. Take a look at all of our courses and classes. We are sure you will find the perfect one for you. The only thing left to do is sign up to our group Spanish classes. You won’t regret it!

Written by @Charlotte Coyne

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