Inspiring Intensive Spanish Courses in Malaga

Learn Spanish, one of the most spoken languages in the world in the best way possible with intensive Spanish courses in Malaga

What if we told you that instead of answering the Duolingo bird 3 times a day from your couch, you could learn to speak Spanish in one of the most popular cities of Andalusia?

What if we told you that you could not only be immersed in the Spanish culture while doing intensive Spanish courses in Malaga, but also be living in a place full of history? Here are our thoughts on the most popular of Spanish classes you can find in the Malaga region. And guess what? They’re located in Ronda!

Historical Ronda

Make the most of your free time after class by roaming around. You will undoubtedly spot vestiges of the ancient times of Ronda. Our city has plenty of untold tales – given its storied history and diverse background of multiple occupations throughout history. It has an architectural flavour from each era, spicing up the town in yet another distinct way.

intensive Spanish courses in Malaga

Whether you like history or not, Ronda is the place you want to be to learn Spanish, given its storied past, lexical richness and beautiful location. Furthermore, its streets make you feel like you are travelling through time with the whitewashed walls and the flowers blooming at every window during summer.

Learning inside and outside of the classroom 

We feel like learning Spanish in the cradle of its culture in beautiful Andalusia really is key to getting that little something that makes all the difference. At Entrelenguas, we understand that not everybody may want to take group classes, although we highly encourage it as it triggers realistic exchanges and authentic contextual discussions. That is why we also offer one-to-one Spanish lessons. During these, both the student and the Spanish teacher can fully focus on the linguistic needs and interests of the student.

Cursos intensivos de español en Málaga

Here at Entrelenguas, the benefits of your stay are not limited to just the classroom. The smooth-talking, dulcet tones of the Andaluz accent (as you can hear here) will become natural to you over the duration of your stay as you wander the winding streets of Ronda, Spain, and you’ll even pick up some of the distinctive local vocabulary!

If you are looking for intensive Spanish courses in Malaga you should absolutely send us an email at! We also run online Spanish Webinars, for those wanting to study Spanish or looking to develop their Spanish even further.

We hope to see you soon in Ronda, Spain!

Written by @entrelenguas Team

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