4 of the Best Resources to Learn Spanish Online

Are you struggling to find the best resources to learn Spanish? What resource could work best for you? Well fear not!

We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to

When it comes to finding the best resources to learn Spanish online it can get quite confusing with all the options available… So, to make it a bit easier we have compiled a list of pros and cons of some of the resources out there. Keep reading to discover the best resource for you! 


First up we have Duolingo, an app I’m sure most people have heard of. This is one of the most popular apps around when it comes to learning Spanish because of its interactive and fun nature but is it right for you?

PROS: With thousands of free lessons to work through this app is perfect if you have little to no knowledge of Spanish. Lessons are very interactive and packed with different vocab, illustrations to aid learning, and audio so that you can practice pronunciation at the same time. You can set goals for your own learning so you can invest as much or as little time as you like. Also perfect for those who lose motivation easily, the regular reminders from the Duolingo owl help to keep your learning on track.

CONS: The amount of useful content covered in this app is debatable as vocab can seem quite random and basic, also, little grammar is explained. You cannot choose the topics you cover because you only unlock new sections when you have completed every previous lesson and the ‘higher’ levels do not seem to get more difficult rather just introduce more vocab.

OVERALL: This app is undoubtably great for beginners who want to take a relaxed approach to learning Spanish in a fun and engaging way. Anyone who is higher than beginner level may find this app quite repetitive, if fluency is your goal this is probably not the resource for you. 

best resources to Learn Spanish


Another very popular resource Quizlet relies on you to input your own learning rather than creating lessons for you.

PROS: Another free resource that offers different methods to learning vocabulary, or whatever you input onto your flashcards. As you can create your own flashcards this is a very personalised resource that helps you with whatever your individual goal may be, whether it be vocab or more complex grammar structures, making it suitable for different levels of learning. You can also access other people’s cards if you find they are of use to you, if you simply search ‘Spanish’, a whole range of vocab lists will appear for you to learn.

CONS: As this resource is mostly dependant on your input, if you are someone who lacks motivation you may lose interest in this app. How much you learn also depends on you, if you do not input things yourself or find them already made, it is not likely that this app will help you to progress. 

OVERALL: Overall this is a good resource to ensure you are remembering everything new you learn which is obviously key when learning a language. However, if you lose motivation easily or want to improve quickly this app may not help you. 


Not your conventional language learning resource italki has become more popular recently as one of the best resources to learn Spanish because you learn from natives. 

PROS: Conversation with a native is definitely the unique selling point of this resource and is definitely what makes it stand out, especially for higher level learners who want to be able to converse in Spanish. The process of finding a tutor is very straight forward and you can personalise your learning to your exact needs, whether it be simple grammar for a beginner or complex structures like the subjunctive for advanced learners. The support of a tutor can also help if you are someone who loses motivation easily. 

CONS: For most people, the biggest con for this resource will be the cost of lessons. Contrary to the two apps above, this resource is not free. 

OVERALL: If your goal is to push yourself further into learning Spanish and develop your higher-level oral skills this will be one of the best resources for you to progress. 

recursos para aprender español

Notes in Spanish

Not an app like the rest, this resource is a podcast that has been running for many years and caters for all different levels of learning. 

PROS: Like many podcasts, Notes in Spanish is available for free. With a different series of podcasts from beginner to advanced learners, the range of topics and variety is incredible and because they are specially catered to each level of learning you are sure to find one to fit you. In addition to the free podcast there is also transcripts available for every single one, along with grammar and vocabulary notes on their website. This is perfect if you want to not only practice your listening skills but also dive deeper into the learning. 

CONS: Without purchasing the transcript material you can miss out on new grammar and vocabulary so the learning may not be as in depth.

OVERALL: Overall Notes in Spanish is arguably one of the best resources to learn Spanish because it does cater to all levels, something many resources lack in. Of course, you may not gain fluency from just listening but with the podcasts being short you can listen to them whenever you have a spare 15 minutes! 

So, there we go! Hopefully with the breakdown of these different resources you will be able to pick the one right for your level and learning needs. What resources do you find the most helpful? If you would like another resource to add to your collection, why not take look at our brand-new platform now on offer covering grammar and many other interesting topics. Simply register and start your course today!

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