How to Immerse Yourself in Spanish from Home

6 ways you can surround yourself with Spanish language all from the comfort of your own home!

So you want to immerse yourself in all things Spanish? Even if you don’t live near a Spanish-speaking country and are perhaps in the midst of a pandemic? Fear not! It is possible to bring the Spanish language to you. For optimal learning, it is best to incorporate some Spanish into your everyday life, whether that be through online platforms or through more traditional methods. Before you know it, Spanish will start to feel more natural and you will be well on your way to becoming more confident in the language.

Here are some ways you can immerse yourself and include Spanish in your life every day to improve your listening, reading and writing skills- only thing you’ll be missing is the sun!

1. Youtube

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in a language is by listening to it in a relaxed, authentic way. Youtube is a great platform to do this since there are lots of native speakers who make videos about almost any topic! If you’re interested in travelling for example, Katy Travels is a fantastic channel to discover lots of new countries whilst learning Spanish vocabulary and phrases. She is from Peru and uses subtitles for those who aren’t quite able to understand everything yet. If you are looking to listen to accents from different Spanish-speaking countries, this channel could be perfect for you.

Youtube: Katy Travels
Instagram: @whatthechic

Another great Youtube channel is Silvia Muñoz de Morales who makes videos about her daily life and shows you what she gets up to during the week. Her channel is especially good for learning everyday language that you can start to incorporate in your own life.

Instagram: @silvia_mmb

If you like watching videos about productivity and organising your life, then Iris Riog’s channel would be perfect for you! Like Silvia Muñoz de Morales, she does not use subtitles but this would be a great opportunity to push yourself. Iris shares tips for being successful and healthy habits. 

Youtube: Iris Roig
Instagram: @irisroig

2. Music

Another way to immerse yourself in Spanish-language is listening to music. Using a streaming website like Spotify makes it even easier to access new music from all over the world. There are some famous names you might already know, like Enrique Iglesias and Shakira, but there are lots of other artists who sing in Spanish. For example, Kora, Daniel Sabater and Marc Seguí are worth checking out!

3. Social Media (Instagram)

If you are an Instagram user, consider following some Spanish accounts for topics you are interested in. For those interested in fashion, Erea Louro captions her photos in Spanish. Aretha Fusté shares inspiration posts and also runs her own business.

This is a great way to gradually incorporate more Spanish into your life in an informal, relaxed way. The more you read Spanish written in an authentic way, the more native you will be able to sound!

Erea Louro: @erealouro 
Aretha Fusté: @arethalagalleta

For Instagram accounts that are dedicated to teaching the language and sharing language tips, have a look at our article about learning Spanish with Instagram here: Learn Spanish with Instagram: 5 Fave Accounts | Entrelenguas. 

How to Immerse Yourself in Spanish from Home learn spanish hub Spanish online course entrelenguas

4. Journalling

To improve your writing skills, try to start journaling in Spanish. It doesn’t have to be a long diary entry, but trying to write down your feelings and thoughts is a great way to practice expressing yourself in an informal, low-pressure situation. This will also highlight any vocabulary areas to improve on.

It is better to create a habit that you can keep up with instead of giving yourself an unreasonable goal. So if you don’t journal already, try to incorporate it into your routine once a week to start off with, and then work up to completing it daily. You are far more likely to retain the habit if it is manageable- little and often!

5. To-Do Lists

Similarly, try to write your to-do lists in the Spanish. Small things like this do not take too much time to do and helps to reinforce your vocabulary. This will keep Spanish present in your brain even if your job or schoolwork is in your mother-tongue.

6. Online classes

If you are looking for more of a commitment and more 1:1 work, consider enrolling on an online course. This is a great way to focus your learning and work on your areas for improvement. Check out the Spanish online classes at Entrelenguas for more information! There are lots of options to explore, through the platform and you can also do courses.

So if you want to immerse yourself in Spanish without actually going to a Spanish-speaking country, there are still several opportunities to learn and improve your language skills. Regardless of your time availability and budget, you can still incorporate some small changes into your daily life to bring Spanish to you!

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